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More Apologies to Whomever

Many more moons have passed since last I got my act together to post here; mea culpa, it's been busy to hectic, topped off by I'm getting forgetful about keeping up.

But, I offer you an alternative place to see what I'm thinking about; lately, I've been blogging for the on-line art magazine/site:

I've posted three in the past couple of weeks and have a list of topics that keeps growing. As the weather changes to cold, I'll be writing more.

To catch up:

The exhibit and residency at Kansas State University went well. I had an opportunity to visit Lawrence friends and Tonganoxie  and Parkville family on the way back.

The Internal Revenue Service took a bunch of money from me by disallowing parts of my travel and telling me that I had to run my manufacturing differently. They threatened me with Section 183, the Hobby-Loss Challenge, but didn't really know what that entailed. Bless Roberta Applegate, the accountant of the ages, for talking the auditor down.

I managed to take possession of the house next door from the renters. The interior is stripped down to the ship-lap or studs in some places. It seems that it started life as one thing and changed, was added to, and has some termite damage.

Most importantly, I have gotten a new batch of work in progress and close to done. The exhibit at Texas A&M, Corpus Christi has been mostly packed and ready to deliver in January. Opening is January 24 2013 at 5PM in the Weill Gallery.

To finish for now, I will be posting the links to the the Glasstire blogs.

Let's be careful out there.


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