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Finally Back

I seem to apologize a lot in these posts, but I have to apologize to anyone who tried to follow me through this website, a few years ago my web server went out of business and it took awhile to get another with the help of Alan Prater who designed the original website.

Way too much has happened from then to now to chronicle all of it, you lived through much of it too. It may, or may not, get better. There have been too many occasions that it seemed that it couldn't be any worse, but then it was, and then there was a pandemic too.

Caleb Sims,who had worked with me for years moved into the studio compound, then he was joined by his (now) wife Torie. They, and sometime I, manufactured the CSI Turntables that are the major support for their salaries. After years of grinding on the steel sculptures Caleb decided that he was tired of grinding my "bubblegum welds" and wanted to weld them too. I didn't have a problem with that.

Torie segued to painting the sculptures in between turntables. Eventually she decided that she wanted to use her printmaking degree and got a position with a screen-printing shop.

They still live here (& seem to enjoy it). There have been building projects, renovations, & repairs. And, work on the house next-door on English Street that was supposed to end a year and a half ago, but continues. It's nice to have central air conditioning and heat. Rebuilding on the spaces inside the ware house gets periodic attention.

Last year, I recruited my nephew Eli Coulter from Kansas to work here on all the various projects. As a union millwright, he had the necessary skills. Since he was coming from industrial construction (I did too, just long ago and far away), it's been quite an adjustment for both of us, but fun too. I share the English Street house and both he & Caleb have a terrible 25 foot commute to work.

Meanwhile, there's always been sculptural production and exhibiting; I'll post some images.

The periodic open studio days didn't seem urgent and then not prudently possible, but they will return as soon as it's feasible. Stay tuned.

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