• Meredith Jack

Back in Black

Well, the "Back in Black" exhibit at the Art Museum of Southeast Texas is imminent; opening reception is 6-8 PM Friday evening, 20 January. The five new steel pieces on the floor are installed and touched-up. Hopefully Sarah Hamilton, the curator at AMSET, will install the wall pieces in such a way that the exhibit won't be over crowded. All the pieces indoors are from 2011.

One of the two outdoor pieces is installed, but the second one has paint problems and won't be there until after the folks at Preservo Paint figure out what I did wrong. I've had problems before, so I'm assuming that it's most likely something I'm doing incorrectly. As most of you know I'm fairly particular about the surface finishes; they're either right or wrong, and I won't show one that's wrong.

I hope to see those of you who are in the Golden Triangle area on Friday.


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