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In the spring of 1968 I was driving from Philadelphia to Kansas City when I had an "epiphany'; somewhere between Colombia, MO and Kansas City the world "flattened out" against the windshield of my truck and the atmospheric forces in the sky became palpable. When I reached home I made series of drawings using the extraordinary experience. I have continued to make drawings about the landscape and the sky, especially what I have observed driving across the rice fields between Houston and Beaumont. There is a grandeur in the prairie landscape and its relationship to atmospheric phenomena; while I have abstracted the pieces, I have observed what I have recorded.


It wasn't until the 1990's that I realized that I have lived the majority of my life on or near the 96th meridian. With very few exceptions I have lived on some version of the prairie landscape; even in Viet Nam the form of the landscape was the similar and the divisions just as arbitrary as the American mid-west.


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