In 1986 I was writing artist interviews and profiles for the local give-away arts paper IN ART; I was also seeing a lady sculptor who wrote for the publication. In retrospect it was a strange relationship and it didn't last all that long, but my reaction to our parting was to use one of her forms with imbedded text, since we both wrote, in some of my small bronze castings that the late sculptor Bill Dennard and I were casting together in my backyard foundry. The only time that we both had free was August, it was pretty brutal conditions to be casting which was appropriate to the iconography.

At first the texts that were stamped into the surface were a free association list of things that seemed important about that specific relationship, but soon I realized that the same strategy could be used about previous and subsequent relationships. Years later someone characterized the texts as poetry, and while I'm uncomfortable with that identification, they do seem to make more sense when read aloud. Two of the early larger steel pieces dealt with my service in Viet Nam.


Text in various forms continues to be a periodically useful element in much of my work.


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