The "Tondo" Series began in 2003 in Jacksonville, FL when I was in Residency at Architectural Foam Industries, Since many of AFI's products are columns, there were lots of circular pieces of foam in their materials pile. I had always wondered why the circular format was so intriguing to the artists in the Renaissance; Raphael and the Della Robbia family did many "lunettes". I took advantage of the opportunity to investigate the problems that were inherent to the format. I think the Renaissance artists found that it was just plain fun to work with a circular format; or at least I did. I had been manufacturing circular objects in the "turntable" business and as custom foundry patterns for Keen Foundry, so making circular art objects seemed a natural extension. I used a combination of cut Styrofoam and Great-Stuff", a spray-foam used for insulation. I had been using a similar approach to make the patterns for casting metal before I found rigid-ized foam, so it was another natural extension to cast some of the pieces.

In the summer of 2004 I extended further by doing a series of "Tondo" drawings. Beginning with works on paper, I wanted a more "tangible" object, so I made panels and laminated Formica to the surface; Formica is a paper product used for the counter tops that I used to make the circles that comprise the "turntables" that I manufacture. The advantage of Formica over standard paper bases is that Formica allows for total erasure without damaging the surface. It allows me to work both onto the surface and into the image.

Tondos have been exhibited in Lamar Faculty exhibitions, “Between Mass & Void”, at Poissant Gallery, Houston, TX, the Two Person Exhibit, at the Ellen Noel Museum, in Odessa, TX, and a new group of Tondos will be part of my exhibit at the Art Museum of Southeast Texas in Beaumont, TX during 2012.


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