I have had a long standing interest in sculptures which defy gravity by being suspended rather than sitting on a pedestal or the floor; I began fabricating hanging pieces in 1974 while I was teaching at the University of Minnesota, Morris. The "Ghost" series were initially begun as cast aluminum or iron pieces in 2000; using "spray foam" as a pattern material for the metal castings. There are two cast aluminum, five cast iron, and one or two combination of cast and fabricated pieces extant right now.

During the American Foam Industries residency I was able to finish several foam "Ghosts". Where I had to suspend the previous hanging pieces with heavy rope or cable, the foam pieces could be hung with fishing line that visually disappears.

The initial aluminum cast aluminum pieces were exhibited at Lamar University and more recently at Poissant Gallery in the "Tattoo/Taboo" exhibit along with two of the foam "Ghosts". Two cast iron pieces have been exhibited in the “2300 Degrees/2002” exhibit as part of the 4th International Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art, at Grounds for Sculpture, Mercerville, NJ and one of the combination cast and fabricated pieces was exhibited in the "Three Person Exhibit" at Galerie Luca in Zaltbamel, Netherlands.


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